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Nectre Bakers Oven

Bakers Oven Dry RRP: $3699.00 NZD

Bakers Oven with Wetback RRP: $3999.00 NZD



A Unique combination of a heater and an oven, with a style from a bygone era. The Nectre Bakers Oven will cook everything from crispy, fresh bread to succulent juicy roasts. The cook top takes four large saucepans or pots, or two for wok cooking. And, while it’s cooking it spreads cosy warmth through your kitchen or living area. An optional water jacket can be fitted to supplement your existing hot water system too.



Here is what one of our recent customers of a Nectre Bakers Oven says (May 2019) 

"Hi there

I bought a Nectre Bakers Oven off you recently. It is the best! Heats my house easily, heats my water quickly and it is amazing to cook in and on.

I am going to flick you a series of photos I have taken since I have had it. You are welcome to use any.

I have cooked diverse things; rice pudding and warmed tinned plums with cinnamon syrup for dessert, boiled potatoes, fried sausages and onions to make into devilled sausages that were then cooked in the oven, pork belly and lamb chops with balsamic mint drizzle. All very successfully.

Today I am trying baking with a gingerbread loaf in there and when that comes out I will be roasting a chicken whole.

Love my fire cooker!! I think it is going to get a name soon!!



Jacky Fitzgerald"















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Bakers Oven